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Are you looking for a continuous feed Wire Stripper?

Then you've found the right place.  Our low cost, durable Wire Stripper offers speed and usability that exceeds all other designs on the market.

What makes this model different from the others?

The design is simple which makes it low cost, portable and easy to use.  It can also handle many more types of material.

Can it handle most wire types?

Yes, it can handle stranded and non-stranded.  It can also handle miscellaneous pieces of material like the bundle that was tapped together!  With the other models on the market you would have to cut the tape and feed each individual strand into the machine.  With our Wire Stripper you can put the entire bundle into the machine!

How much is it?

Call for details...

Are there any expensive blades to replace?

No, the design uses low cost utility blades that you can find at any hardware store for a few dollars.

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